Thursday, July 19, 2007

One Glorious Day: 2 new knights and ten postulants

Dear friends and supporters,

Today was a glorious day for our Order. This morning we wrapped up our "Come and See" week activities. To those who say that knightly work is too dangerous for young lads, I'm proud to point out that only one of our participants was injured in the week's activities (and those facial scars will score him free ale later on in life.)

The boys were pleased to see their parents at the temporary chapel tent but little did they know what liturgical delights lay ahead for them.I announced that Brs. Denzinger and Torquemada were to receive the habit and profess their solemn vows with the Order this very day! (See the habit of the Order to the left--I assure you it even SMELLS of sanctity)

I do not wish to outline the Habit and Vow Ceremony here on this interweb site (in case that foul Harpy Sr. Fairah should use it for some satanic anti-Truthiness ceremony.) However, I can tell ye that when the brothers, clothed in their glorious habits, swore upon their swords' hilts the Five Vows, there was not a dry eye amongst any of the visitors. 

I presented the new religious to the congregation
 and then announced a special honor: 
Our Patroness, the most chaste and virtuous Lady Katherine of Beckinsale, was present to knight the two brothers! Our Patroness, who had been wearing a veil to hide her beautiful face and a heavy cloak to obscure her fine carriage, threw off her disguise and took her position before the two religious. She solemnly dubbed both the men knights and they arose Sir Lefebvre Fellay Denzinger, HKTTC and Sir Torquemada of the Pissed Off Truly True Church, HKTTC.  

Immediately following the Vow Ceremony, we were
nearly knocked down by the flood of young lads 
clamoring to enter Postulancy. 
My heart was gladdened by their piety, 
and the piety of their Truthy parents.
I even had one woman yell "Take me son!!!" 
and she did lob the child at me.

At the end of the day, the Order now has two new solemnly professed Knights and ten postulants!

The Truly True Church is alive and well!

For Our Patroness, For Our Truly True Church, For the Society, For the Order! A verbis ad verbera!

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC
Vocations Director


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