Tuesday, July 10, 2007


No, not THAT Pope, THIS pope..

The only thing that the HKTTC hates more than the Modernists who sit in Rome are those traditionalists who claim to be Traditional but are nothing more than thinly cloaked heretics. These Pseudo-Traditionalists, or PseuTrads as I prefer to call them, lack the Truthiness of the Truly True Church and lead many innocent Traditional souls to damnation by their falsehoods.

This 'Pope Michael' and his sect have the gall to think that they have the authority to elect a pope to the vacant Apostolic See! Outrageous! As every priest of the SSLI can tell ye, only a council composed of Truly Traditional Catholics has the authority to elect a successor to Pope St. Leo the Great (Revised Code of Canon Law of the Truly True Church, Canon 989). This sect's election and installation of an Anti-Pope is the worst treason to Truthiness. It's so treasonous, in fact, that I pronounce this 'Pope Michael' to be Anti-Truthiness itself in embodied form. Never since Judas himself has such a fiend been loosed upon the surface of the Earth.

I know that there are those in the ranks of our faithful supporters who would argue that the SPV2 community is a greater threat to Truthiness. Not so! SPV2's heresies are so egregious and apparent that Truly Traditional Catholics easily see through their lies and stratagems. These vile 'Michaelnites' however, flaunt the suits and trappings of Truthiness but they do so only so that they may ensnare Truthy souls more completely. With my sword as my witness, the Michaelnites art the greater danger to the Truly True Church!

In order to halt the spread of this evil across the Earth, and to preserve the sanctity of Truly Traditional Catholics everywhere, we knights of the HKTTC do hereby resolve to lay waste to the strongholds of the Anti-Truthiness and wipe out all remembrance of this vile sect from the face of the Earth. We will give no quarter, extend no mercies, and hold back no engine of war until this fetid blasphemy is stamped into ash under the feet of Truthiness! This we do solemnly swear by the hilts of our swords!

We have sent a list of the manifest theological errors and heresies of this vile, devilish sect to the priests of the SSLI. It is our hope that our spiritual fathers will agree that this anti-Pope poses a clear danger to the Truly True Church and will authorize a Holy Crusade of Truthiness against these false 'Catholics'. (If this Holy Crusade be declared, then Truly Traditional Catholics are notified that it is their solemn duty as members of the Truly True Church to provide able-bodied male offspring, materiel, and monetary funds to the SSLI for the war effort).

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC
First Knight Supreme of the Holy Knights of the Truly True Church


Hidden One said...

If a Conciliar Church force was marshalled agaisnt this false Pope, woud lyou work together with them on equal terms, or just get yourself slaughtered by the Swiss Guard?

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC said...

Hidden one,
Hmmm, that is indeed a good question. My gut reaction would be to say "NO! I would grab a sword, leap into their midst, and start swinging!" However, Fr. Heidrich has been working on getting me to be more lenient to the heretics in the interest of converting them rather than slaying them.

Therefore, I would work together with the forces of New Rome to eradicate this Anti-Pope in the hopes of converting some of the Modernists to the Truthy faith.

Once the Anti-Pope was disposed, I would then marshall my knights and the new converts, surround the Conciliar heretics, and give them one last chance to convert.

Two birds with one stone, eh?

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney, HKTTC

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