Saturday, August 11, 2007

The SPV2 is spreading foul rumors!

Friends and supporters,

I wish to assure thee that a recently circulated email implying that Sir Denzinger and our Patroness, Lady Katherine of Beckinsale, are having an affair is blatantly FALSE.

I have tracked the email's origin back to the secret Hotmail account of one Sister Fairah. I trust that all Truly Traditional Catholics will realize how tightly we have the heretics pressed against the wall, that they must resort to smear tactics rather than apologetics!

Sir Rev. Leonard Feeney
First Knight Supreme of the HKTTC


Anonymous said...

EXCUSE ME ... since I, myself have been the unfortunate victim of accusasions regarding sexual orientation (no names mentioned, in order to "be church"), I would NEVER accuse such a thing ... and I have NO secret hotmail addy... dig deeper if you want to know the truth... I am NOT the one!

Anonymous said...

No reply to my above comment... I'm getting the impression you MEN are afraid of Little 'ol me!